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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today I'm so excited to be able to introduce you to Gabi, blogger over at Kneadle & Bread. It's been so fun to get to know her over the past year through blogging and I love reading her posts about design, personal life, fashion, and sweet treats. She's just one of those ladies that you wish you could have a wardrobe consult with at least once a month. Since she's planning to graduate from college this May, I thought she'd be perfect to offer some advice on what transitioning into the real world looks like and how to pursue what you really love. Thanks Gabi!

On Graduation

Hi all you Streetlights to Stars readers!  My name is Gabi and I blog over on Kneadle & Bread.  I have to say, I’m absolutely honored to be guest blogging for Erin today!  As I’m about to transition from college to the “real world,” Erin and I thought this was a great opportunity to share thoughts and advice about entering the real world.
Currently, I’m in my senior year at Northeastern University - yep, the five-year university located in Boston.  I’m involved with multiple student organizations, I’ve done two co-ops (full-time work for six months - no classes, yay!), and I’ve held many internships.  But, all of that is about to conclude this May when I walk across the stage at TD Garden and receive my diploma (place holder until the real one comes in the mail, but you get the point).  With that in mind, graduation seems just as scary as it does exciting.

Though moving on to the “real world” can be intimidating for anyone, I am lucky enough to feel prepared for what lies ahead.  I had the chance to attend an incredible university that provides students with tons of real world experience.  This is where my most important piece of advice comes in - get experience.  Whether you’re working on campus, in an internship, or part-time somewhere, get experience in your field.  This will give you a leg up against the competition, but it will also boost your confidence.  When I walked into my first co-op, I was probably more nervous that I had ever been before.  Now, I have an event planning internship and when I walked in for my first day last week, I felt ready to take on any task my team threw my way.

If your work schedule is a little too crazy to take on an internship or another job, write.  Yes, write.  Find a publication that writes about your field or start your own blog on the topic!  Ever since I started blogging, I’ve had every single interviewer ask about it.  I think it helps to set me apart from their other interviewees, but most importantly, it shows that I’m really interested in my industry.  Writing shows dedication and motivation, which is something every interviewer is looking for in a new hire.  Spend some time each week writing a post/article/entry on something in your field that interests you, a recent article you might have stumbled across, or important news that relates to your chosen field.

Now that you’ve heard my advice on making the transition from college to work a little easier, what are you doing to ensure a (mostly) seamless transition?


  1. i'm so lucky that i already worked since i was still studying in college. so when i graduated last year, i didn't have that stressing job searching thing. not that it had no troubled times. there were lots and lots of doubt and fear, up and down too. but still. and i feel so lucky because i work on something i really love. i really enjoy reading this. thank you

  2. These look delicious!! And Erin, I am your newest follower! I'd love if you followed me back at www.myminds-lens.blogspot.com !!


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