series #642 {episode 1}

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Okay here goes's TUESDAY. and that means it's time for episode one of series #642.
Here are the rules::

Use the prompt above
Write your own take on it (this week make it 100-150 words)
Post it on your blog and link it up here so everyone can read it >>

Please make sure to include a link back over to streetlights to stars, let's play fair now! :)

Can't wait to read your posts!
Here's mine:

A smell and where it came from...

It barged into my nostrils like a rude neighbor through the front door. Everything in my being rejected the putrid stench whose origin was still unknown. There was no relief. It crept its way through my senses until it reached my brain. Almost instantly I knew. Yes! Now I know. The haunting odor was indeed emanating from under the old wooden couch frame. I fearfully lifted the thing up as if I were competing in the Iron Woman contest. I opened my eyes. There, on the carpet, lay a graveyard of once edible baby carrots stashed there by the four year old living in my house. Better call the exterminator.  


  1. Oh I love this! <3 What a great idea!

  2. certainly a suprising find. although, from the description, I was thinking it might be worse than carrots. nice take on the prompt.

    brevity is not my strong suit so I always ends up cutting a lot but it's good to have to reach a word count, a good excerise. thanks for the prompt.

    have a sweet day.


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