why are you still buying your text books?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thinking about buying text books stresses me out. Probably because I never did when I was in college. {I did read them!} Our university had a rental system. And you know what? It saved me thousands of dollars by the time I was all finished.

I just got news of a service that is doing the same thing for any student...Campus Book Rentals.
You can rent books for half or even 80 percent of their regular price, keep them for however long you need, and highlight the heck out of em. {you know you love that highlighter.} When you're done, ship the books back {free shipping both ways} and get paid the next time your book gets rented. Bam. Genius.

What's awesome about this program is that every time you rent a book, some of that money goes to Operation Smile, an organization that fixes kids' cleft lip or palate and helps them live a healthy, improved life. They create self-sustainability, promote volunteerism, and increase global standards of care.

Check out their Rent Back program for more info and a seriously easy explanation of how it all works.

So rent text books, save yourself some money, earn money back, and help change kids' lives.

This seems like a no-brainer to me, am I wrong?
Let me know how it goes, you university student friends of mine! And pass the word along for goodness sakes.

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note: this is a sponsored post but  all opinions expressed are genuine. i fully support and encourage this service.

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  1. The last semester I was in school, I rented my text books and spent 1/4 of the money I did my first semester when I bought all of them. It's insane!!

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