awkward & awesome thursday

Thursday, August 30, 2012

  it's that time again...

Photographers love taking pictures of Clay Matthews

:: The maids came again today when I was this if that doesn't mean anything to you.

:: More than one DMV experience in the last 2 weeks. Oh, I can't take my knowledge test? Why's that? Oh, because I'm not a US citizen without my passport to prove it? My current drivers licence doesn't do it, eh? Well that's a shame. Too bad I drove 6 hours to make this happen. Have a nice daaaaaaay.

:: So I go to this place called Lush in the mall, heard of it? Yeah, well it's great and all except it's stocked with hippies and weird smelling perfume. One of the workers took me over to the sink and told me to try out the body wash. Except she took my whole arm and stuck it under the sink. Proceeded to lather me up herself with this great body wash and and rise it off a century later. Admittedly, the little arm massage was great and all but, hi, I don't know you and you just showered my arm. 

:: The fact that I'm pretty sure I've put on at least 10 pounds since coming back to the homeland. America makes you fat, people. It just does.

:: Virtually no day-time social contact for the past week. It's time to move.

::  Breaking Bad was discovered and it's great. I'm rationing my episodes
 so I don't watch the whole darn thing in one night.

:: I get to move this weekend! After waiting what seemed like an eternity to get to
 this point in my life, I'm excited to start a fresh chapter in a new house with new and old friends. 

:: Because of the whole moving thing, I've rationalized going out to
 almost all my favorite eating spots to get my hometown fix in before I'm off. 

:: Leaps and bounds being made to make this whole "I need a job" thing happen.
 Keeping my fingers crossed!



  1. Thanks for the great lunch even if we did wait WAY too long for our sammies. I still owe you 2 dolla!! Another awkward thing that I forgot to mention: don't you think we were sitting too close to that awkward couple that kept talking about how much they loved living with their parents because of the good food?

  2. packers are killing the chiefs right now. coming from a kc girl, its sad to see.

  3. Boo Packers. GO BEARS :D
    I've started Breaking Bad too. I looooove it!

  4. The maids thing...I can understand that. Heck, sometimes I get awkward when waiters came to our table at restaurants. I clean up the whole table and stack my plates so they won't.

  5. YES!!!! Packers season :) And the DMC sucks! I had the same problems with mine and apparently they don't teach you how to drive in Idaho so when I changed to UT they made me retake the whole thing....dumb dumb dumb.

    Good luck with finding a job :) It is the suckiest process, but its what pays the bills, must be done

  6. You are not under any circumstance to become a Vikings fan while you live in the great state of MN!!!

  7. HEY GIRL! Following your awesome blog! Thanks for joining the Christian Bloggers NETWORK!

    XOXO to you and I'm excited to get to know you more!

  8. Hahaha such a great post! I have had several similar Lush experiences.
    Also, so exciting that you get to move!!! Hope everything goes well :)

  9. And by packer season you mean Cowboys season, right?

  10. I have a word for what happened at the DMV---"ridiculosity". I had to make up that word to help me deal with the daily illogical scenarios that occur in life. Blessings on your new beginning in Minn; you are a Light and I love you. xo aj

  11. Ahhh fellow Packer fan! Sweet! Breaking bad is amazing. Just randomly ventured over here from BBN, I like your blog. Cheers! =)


  12. Ah, you're right America does make you gain weight! I lived overseas for 6 months and the main reason I gained so much weight when I came home because I went from walking EVERYwhere to walking NOwhere. We've got to work on this! haha

  13. Matthews is such a sexy beast... tonight shall be an epic night :D


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