Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So you know those awkward phases in your life when you don't really live anywhere and you don't really work anywhere? And you're totally and completely in between life seasons? Yeah they have word for that. It's called transition. 

I guess by now we're supposed to know how to deal with that well -- we read books and talk about it and do our best to feel like we are always moving toward something better. And at the same time time we are supposed to enjoy the moment and the calm before the storm. 

But sometimes you just feel like you're in a black hole. Can I get an amen??
Okay maybe it's just me. But I like the storm and the craziness and the busy. 
And I don't do well with free time. {some of you busy super-moms and college students can kick me for saying that later.}

Yesterday I got to sign a lease and get a real-live house key -- the one for my house. And I got the sense that this next season is going to be real good. My mother reminded me the other day that I am on the cusp of all things exciting and I should just enjoy all of the simple joys along the way--the journey. 

So I am trying. Today I made friends with Craigslist again and went to Target for at least the 8th time this week. Because I can.

It's start, alright??

I'm curious, how do you guys deal with transition? What inspires you?
What occupies your precious free time? 


  1. AMEN! I love transition because I like new things. I hate getting stuck in a rut, and the best way I know how to deal with it is to keep on moving. Run the race that is set before you with endurance :) You'll do great!

  2. 1. I don't have "free time," I make it.

    2. My whole life is transition. It is my job. Having been in 8 countries within 3 months and living in 3 for at least 20 days each pretty much means living out of a suitcase.

    Like I said, free time for me is made. I pretend to loath my busyness, but I don't know what to do with myself when I am not running 100 mph... so yeah. I understand where you are coming from.

  3. Look at the bright side; your blog has never gotten so much attention!

  4. Here's what they don't tell you: having free time is HARD. Especially when you get back from being abroad and everyone's lives have moved on, while you felt like you were in limbo for all that time. People are out having productive lives and you are sitting on your parents' couch. What makes it DOUBLY hard is the fact that all your friends are like, "I wish I had that problem" when all you're thinking is "I wish I didn't!" The good AND bad news is that the only thing that will make you feel right again is time. I look back on that season of life with the wistfulness of a super-busy person yearning for all that free time, but the truth was hard for me. The only thing that got me to this place is taking it one day at a time. I tried lots of new things, picked up a few new hobbies, and before I knew it, I was here. So that's my two cents :)

  5. Transition is just an avenue for new opportunities, new goals and aspirations. You can live life anyway you'd like to now! We are women of the 21st century! You go girl!

  6. Transition can be super hard...and I can totally relate Erin! Today was my last day of work for over a month....I will be back in NE hanging out before I go to Africa....
    But do try to enjoy it...process everything you learned while in Honduras. Hope it can be a good time of growth and learning for you!

  7. How exciting! The whole new house deal is a pretty big transition. I'm always moving around, so I'm basically always in some sort of transition mode. But, I find the best way is to try and enjoy it! Even when my boxes are all packed and I'm preparing to move to a new apartment or a new city, I grab a coffee or tea, bring along a book, and find the perfect spot to spend the afternoon reading. It's always my go to activity to calm me down or help me just take my mind off the awkward transition periods.


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