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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remember that one time we talked about being regular and having lots of time on our hands? Yeah. Well after talking to my sister about this non-problem, she said that I should do everything I've ever wanted to do because I can. Before, ya know, that whole husband, babies, family thing comes into the mix and I'm driving around a whole football team of children in my truck {because the minivan thing is just not an option, folks.}

SO. The other day I got real excited about moving into my new place in a couple short weeks and made some things on my pinterest account that I knew would never happen once the ball got rolling on the whole job thing.

Here's what I made...

numero uno//

My aunt bought me these amazing bamboo spoons and I painted the ends of them because that's my extent of crafty. The jar is from World Market. Bam. Project one: finished.

numero dos//

Do you ever make something that's not expected to reach any sort of expectation and then you're like "holy cazolli I actually really like this." ? Yeah, that's what happened. I bought a plain wooden frame and painted it. In the middle is a...what do you call those? Ya know like a coffee bag material that I cut out and hot glued to the back. {I know, real complicated and classy..} Anyway, so that's my earring holder. And I'm actually really proud of it so if you don't like it, don't hate. 

Since this ain't no DIY blog, I probably won't put up any step by step directions on these things...and because, well, that's just totally unnecessary for these simpler than simpler crafts of mine. But if you want any details I'll be happy to respond to an email or two. 

{Like that use of the word ain't? Yeah me either. I promise not to do that ever again.}

Check you lovelies later.


  1. Great job! I am especially jealous of your new earring holder...I need to make me one of those!! (and I like your earrings too!)


  2. i'm really liking the colored sticks!

  3. YES! A truck will be our minivan as well...which my husband will drive :) You just got that much more awesome!

  4. Oh Erin, Your creative renderings are are so wonderful. The giraffe earring holder is market-worthy--so darling. Keep up the fun, girl. aj xo

  5. how amazing! girl, this is all kinds of awesome. i adore that frame and the fabric behind is beautiful.
    just stumbed upon your blog - love your heart!
    and am now following :) looking forward to reading more!

  6. Both of these projects are amazing. I've been wanting to do something similar with our bamboo spoons, but I have a hubby that shakes his head no at such notions. Your sister is right do all those fun things now!

  7. Awesome! Good for you! I've been thinking about that lately too, about trying to live up to the best potential I have. I mean, life is short, we should do our best right?

  8. Did you change the design of your blog? Because I love it! Super cute. And I fell in love with those colored handled utensils too! SO cute!

  9. LOVE the bamboo sticks and the jar you chose to put them in! So cute! :) Perfect way to add a touch of color to the kitchen!


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