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Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh hey there, is anyone else not ready for summer to be over?? I mean, I get the whole pumpkin spice latte, warm socks, sweater and pumpkin thing. But I'm not exactly ready to put away those light as a feather dresses and ordering overpriced iced coffee drinks. I'm just not.

 I'm also working on saying goodbye to my hometown and doing whatever comes to mind during my last week here -- like taking a random trip downtown to eat at my favorite spot. Yes I did.

SO, to get excited about the seasons changing I made a fall resolutions list. Kind of like a new years resolution except it might actually happen. With all this change in my life, and the change in weather, some of this might actually stick. So here it is...

What are your fall resolutions? I wanna know! Heck, do a link-up if you want! Lets hear 'em.
ps...has anyone seen the show when animals attack? It pretty much makes me want to not go outside for the rest of my life. Which contradicts the first thing on my list. So maybe I should turn it off.

In other news...some completely unrelated pictures for your viewing pleasure.

 These ladies...they are my favorite. And my gigantica shoes were a hit. I think between the two of them, they wore 'em more than I did. Just don't twist an ankle, k?? K.

Oh and this man...well, I think I'll keep him around for awhile. And this is what happens when you do an apartment inspection before moving in. And are really happy to finally have your own bathroom. 

Well I think that about wraps it up. Happy Monday!


  1. Erin...I totally agree! Fall time can be sad...hate leaving summer behind! Say goodbye to tan, lemonade, beach volleyball and warm summer nights.
    But...then again I was telling a friend the other day that I am usually the most productive and motivated in the fall...even more than the start of a new year.
    So...good luck with your resolutions! Always a great step!

  2. Yes, thank you! I am so not ready to say goodbye to summer. Yet I see all these bloggers posting "fall outfits" "fall previews" and I'm thinking NOOOOO. Not yet. Lol. Great list...good luck!

  3. I LOVE your fall resolutions list!!! All of those things are perfect and you have inspired me to create my own list!

  4. Such a good idea! I need to do that as well, AND start sticking to my budget. I'm the worst at stuff like that

  5. love the idea of fall resolutions. my main two would be work out more consistently and have a budget as well. i spend wayy to much money on coffee, but i just love it so much

  6. i am so not ready for fall to be here yet, i still want to wear my sandals, shorts, fun summer clothes. i think a fall resolution is a great idea!

  7. I love the list you made. Your handwriting is soooo cute!

  8. Erin, Thanks for your thoughtful reflections on Fall. Me; I live for the pool season; complete with night lights, the sounds of crickets, the night air, my friends and the delicious feeling that comes after moving and floating in the water. One of my Fall resolutions is to take a weekend road trip to Min-Min and visit my precious niece Erin. aj

  9. Just found you! Love that you made "fall resolutions" those should really be done all year long, not just in January!! Check us out too! Hugs from So Cal :) xx,The Golden Girls www.goldenwhitedecor.com

  10. I like the idea of resolutions in the middle of the year. Who says you have to wait until January?!! Budget needs to be on my list for sure.

  11. sounds like great resolutions to me!


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