awkward & awesome thursday

Thursday, May 17, 2012

-- the rag roll experiment roomie monica and i tried. except we used an old t-shirt that was left behind by a group. may or may not have been washed. 
-- the gazillionth time i tried to kill a scorpion in my bathroom and missed. {and when i say i,  i really mean some guy way more valiant than me. "a" for effort, but the scary thing is still creeping around in there somewhere looking for his potential killer.
-- getting told by my sweet roommate that the skirt that i made had ripped in the back a little. claaaaasic. wonder how long i was sportin' that look before anyone noticed.
-- coming back from the chicken coop with eggs, only to trip on the porch, crack my big toenail, and spill the eggs everywhere. ugh. monday fail. 
-- having a conversation with a honduran friend at the dinner table about how a baby is going to learn to play the guitar. he changed the subject to "can you please pass the bread. " i'm still yappin about the baby. 5 minutes wanted the breeeeeaaaad. facepalm. 

-- discovering monica's incredible bread-making skills thanks to the visitor's expertise. does there need to be a limit on carb intake?!
-- the rain is back and it's totally making everything super green and jungly looking around here. just call it jurassic park and you'll be right on. 
-- looking forward to getting so see a good friend in nicaragua next week and tying in a visa trip with it. 
-- last saturday's adventures. reliving my childhood only on a much larger scale. 
-- hanging with people who love seinfeld.  instant. amigos. 
-- making friends with other bloggers. always makes my day.

carry on, friends!

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