the overcoming

Monday, May 21, 2012

"although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."
-source unknown

walking up that dirt path. a man with machete in hand and rubber boots passes on the right going to work. the chickens running crazy right outside the wood slatted house. a woman peers out the kitchen window as she throws another tortilla on the open fire for breakfast. just-washed clothes hanging out on the barbed wire fence and the small kids run around, their feet pattering all over the dirt. and the sun...the suns is bold coming over the peak of those green mountains. it's a new morning.

sometimes living here overwhelms me with the all the need and all the suffering that goes on. broken families, not enough food, the back-breaking labor, sickness, and loneliness. 
yes, these things happen in america, but there's something about seeing it here in raw form. it's kids who think twice before buying a new pair of sandals. where a three liter of pepsi means a party. widowed women walk with food baskets on top of their heads selling their goods to the neighbors. the boys make their soccer goals out of cut wood and young workers fill in holes on the road hoping for a little extra cash from those who pass.

but above all the need there are greater things. kids laugh with friends. there is a job to do today. students get to go to school. there is love. family. peace. life. tomorrow is a new day.

those who know their Creator are the most joyful because they know this isn't it. life is not a daily grind to get ahead -- it's an opportunity to celebrate blessings. and there are greater things yet to come.

today i got to see a boy learn to write and learn sentences in english -- i mean really learn them!
today we get to live with ten kids who have a safe, loving home to stay in.
today there are fresh coconuts from the trees.
today baby kelly learns how to walk.
today we have an abundance of food and water in our house.

this is the overcoming of suffering.

photo credit goes to the lovely visitors {again}. 


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank God, thank Life. Thank the suffering and the blessings. Thank the words and the images and the heart and soul who shared them. You are a God-Light Erin, and you are my sunshine. xo Love you, aj


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