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Thursday, May 10, 2012

so it all started when the mostly reliable water source became a little less reliable. lots of left over dishes, lots of drip-drip-drop showers, yaddah yaddah yaddah. something had to be done. i could tell you the story about the water leak scare in our house, a consideration to knock out the concrete floor of the kitchen, the easy fix of an un-glued pipe, the cow stepping on the waterline and the adventures of outside dish-washing…but I won’t. 

the brilliant brainstormers and innovators over here decided it was time to dig a well and get a new, very reliable water source goin’. after some logical location selection and a grouping of a few good men, they started digging. and digging. and digging. and then they hit water. oh, wow! let me just say that for a non-country living girl i was thoroughly impressed, alright?!

Here’s some footage from the well-digging escapades..
and my limited but heart-felt participation in the matter.

{cute, right? yeah. i won't be living that one down for awhile.}

this whole thing sure made me think about all the people in this world who don’t have access to water, much less have it in their house! we are so spoiled. life got real easy when water stared coming out of the faucet again. were we happier? maybe for the moment. but then it becomes just another thing we expect out of life.

things like that don’t make people joyful. we’ve got to look somewhere else for that folks or we’ll find ourselves a lifetime later with empty pockets still searching for the next greatest thing.

Today we are more thankful for water and we find our joy complete in the one who created it.


  1. oh honey, i am impressed with the strength of spirit and joy, what a great reminder...luv you all

  2. :D When you threw the bucket, dirt and all I lol'd real good. Classic wink move haha! Also, good to see video footage of a wild winkel spotted in its natural habitat in honduras.

    -E. R.

  3. And God gave us water. The tears roll down my cheeks as I watch this joyful and sacred celebration in Honduras. It is like watching The Creation Story, and hearing the grateful sounds of God's people as they receive this sustaining gift. I am brought to the well of my own heart as I witness your sharing. Love to all, Tia Jane


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