a day of margin

Sunday, May 6, 2012

yesterday we got to listen to a talk on "creating margins" in our life -- to not run on full capacity. to take breaks. and spend time in relationship. to clear our brain and rest. 

so today we created margin. went to the creek. read. talked to family and friends. no cooking allowed. and {almost} no dish-doing...which is real easy when there's no water coming out of your sink. 
                                                                                                                 {more on that to come soon}
call it a sabbath
call it a margin day
call it doing nothing

but it happened. 
oh, happy day!

hope you've had a restful weekend, too!


  1. This is an amazing and rich sharing. Yes; the Sabbath; Margin Day. I vote for it. How else can all the pieces of life settle down enough to feel and hear what hovers beneath them. Be still and and know I am God. It doesn't get any better. The photos are stunning and meditations in themselves. And your flip-flops, well, you are my sunshine. So much love, and kisses on your toes. Your regular Auntie..xo


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