how did i end up here?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

well folks, these are the latest pictures i have of central america. brayden and i headed down to managua to visit my good friend john who's working with another ministry there. since i didn't know when i'd have the freedom to travel this much again, we decided to take our visa trip to renew our 90 days to nica. 

it was a wonderful trip -- i WISH i could have gotten some pictures of the absolutely out of control public transportation crowds. i have never been smooshed that close to strangers before.we got to visit john's work, a little bit of downtown managua, eat at some sweet places and, of course, go to the movie theatre in the mall {a real treat for the country folk we've become}.

well of course things are all fine and dandy until we try to get back into honduras. VERY long story stort, the honduran immigration office didn't do my extension right and gave me 5 days to, quote, abandon the region, unquote. WHAT? what does that even mean? turns out, after a long argument with the governmental officals of honduras, it means i basically had to get to belize, guatemala or costa rica by, well, the next day. all of which may nor may not actually do the trick. yeah RIGHT! we are tired. hungry. and ready for home. option number fourteen appeared to be trying to get back into my own country the next morning. {more dramatic but definitely the easier option}. SO in attempts to salvage a few hundred dollars, safety,  and my own sanity, the next thing i knew i had landed in the good ol' us of a. this is my deportee story. 

dear honduran immigration department, thanks for nothing! you're crazy!

all joking and drama aside, this whole thing has come with a bag of mixed emotions. good to see everyone at home but my heart is broken for not being able to say goodbye to anyone in hondo. 

the good news: looks like i'll be going back in two weeks if all the cards line up. 

oh what a life! 


  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like it was a lot of fun:D

    1. thank you Tori! appreciate the feedback.

  2. What an incredible trip! Your photographs are fantastic - the colors are just gorgeous. Hope you're able to go back!


    1. thank you!! you are sweet. i will be going back next week, thankfully.


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