the {how did i get out of this alive} weekend

Monday, May 14, 2012

so happy to have spent the weekend with some give hope 2 kids friends and go on a little hiking adventure. further down the road from us there's a great place to do some bouldering {that's what the professional outdoorsy club calls it, of which i am clearly not a member...}. it was an awesome time to get to know another beautiful spot of this valley and let the sun add to my always-increasing freckle collection.

some of the guys doing all that fun well-digging work spent the day out there too. the only reason i'm able to type this thing up right now is because my non-bouldering self was hauled up a few large rocks by these guys as we yelled in unison to the trinity {en el nombre del padre, del hijo, y del espiritu santo...} for some life preservation. why the most entertaining things never make it on video, i'll never know.
they spent the day cliff jumping and catching fish with their handmade harpoon. professionals!! p.s...these are the same men who catch fish with their bare hands at night with a flashlight in the rapids. no. big. deal.

on our way back we did some repelling off the main bridge {i am too easily convinced.} for some of the guys it had to be explained why one would need a harness to jump off a bridge instead of just launching  over with one hand on the rope. my unofficial nickname for the day was super mujer, being the only lady who took the plunge.

photo credit for picture #1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 goes to the wonderful visitors. 
{visitors, please let me know if you'd like your names posted on here.} 
it was wonderful to meet you all! thanks for being such a fun, encouraging bunch of people 
and great photographers.

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  1. I just got your comment on my blog! And I am so glad you did comment because I cant tell you how neat it feels to have a reader from honduras! ;) No but really, I can't believe Jeremy mentioned my silly little blog to you, that makes me feel cool:) Tell him I say hi!
    Loved looking through your blog. Especially loving the photos in this post!
    Keep up the awesome work, looks like you're being a huge blessing over there:)

    <3 Leney

    P.s. I custom order the giraffes actually so if you want one shoot me an email sometime;)


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