Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Thursday, July 12, 2012

-- Fitting both me and Monica into one pair of very large jeans. We tried to take pictures to no avail due to lack of mobility. Couldn't find the camera. And oh, was baby Kelly confused about that moment.

-- Getting kicked out of not one, but two pools at the hotel last week . The first offense being that we were too rambunctious for the neighbs at 9am and needed to callense, {aka, be way more quiet}. The second offense was wearing "regular clothes" over our swimming suits. what? If anyone understands the rational behind that please inform me, I'm at a loss.

-- Everyone asking why my skin was falling off my forehead after the sunburn incident. Yeah, I know, I'm a snake, okay? This is what happens to gringos.

-- So at the department store here the attendants always put the stuff you decide to buy up on the counter until you're done shopping and then you go and get it. Weird and slightly annoying but, okay. So Monica and I are at the counter paying, and obviously forgetting this standard procedure because pretty soon we're eyeing up and inspecting this great brat that's, I'm sorry, what? 5 bucks? Well in the middle of all of it comes marching up it's rightful owner. Oh, um, sorry for putting our hands all over your brand new items...ah...yeah.  Didn't at all stop us from marching right over to the department to treat ourselves to the same sweet deal. Thanks for everything, Carrion.

-- Getting these new cups that change colors on their own. For some reason that was super exciting upon discovery. And I'm now drinking way more water just to see it change. Simple pleasures.

-- Reading this book, "Through the Gates of Splendor" by Elizabeth Elliot. She was the wife of one of the missionaries in Ecuador that attempted to reach the Auca tribe. I don't plow trough books very often but I read this guy in 3 days flat. It's that good.

-- The kid's newest discovery of play dough. Oh! if we could only do that all day. Their favorite is making cakes, torillas and little balls. I, unashamedly, am having just as much fun with it.

-- The abundance of  wintergreen Life Saver mints that were put in the library by a group. Trying to exercise self-control.  Really, I am.
Feliz Thursday, friends!
*Thanks for the photo, Erin : ) Couldn't remember where that one came from!


  1. my photo made the blog! photo creddd.

    1. credits all yours ladyyy :) gracias por la photo. me hace falta digame como esta todoooo porfa.

  2. Love your posts! So much dejavu. About the swimming pool: apparently the fibers from the cotton Abril of "regular clothes" is hard on the filters. At least that's the excuse I've received. I guess it makes sense! Gotten kicked out of a few Honduran pools myself :)

    1. wow you just rocked my world. and that totally does make sense. puchica honduran pools!

  3. And by "April", I meant fabric...autocorrect gets me every time.

  4. Its a shame we don't have a picture of us fitting in those jeans! I'll be back soon to create more awkward moments together ;)


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