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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh hello wonderful people,

Just popped in to suggest making friends with the lovely Ms. Gabi and her blog over at Kneadle and Bread. She's got some awesome pictures from her time in Brazil and other great posts about fashion, food, design and Boston {love that city!}. Today she's featuring her July sponsors {including yours truly} so go check it out and say hi.

In other news, we are looking forward to our next volunteer group making an appearance in the jungle house tonight. So today is a cooking, cleaning, and squeezing in a few choice to-do items kind of day. 

I'm glad our house doesn't look like this like it did the day before the last group came. Yes, that is in fact all of our belongings relocated into the living room. I never thought I'd cook pancakes inches away from several mattresses, a bedside table and a screwdriver set.

Keep it classy.


  1. Hello wonderful person! Loved your piece on Kneadle and Bread; your bike and job are waiting for you. You are soul-deep and sunshine. Can't wait to see you. xo aj


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