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Sunday, July 1, 2012

this week an awesome team from clover hill church came to kick butt on some projects. it was particularly special because clover hill is brayden's church and his parents came along with to visit. it's amazing what can be done with a few extra hands. the library and storage area got a complete overhaul of organization. {this is the "in the process," i failed to get any shots of the finished product but it is impressive, people.

we are also in the middle of some major office construction so many of the guys got to experience how honduras cement mixing works  -- lots of muscle and back bending required. but much of the base is done now and i think everyone enjoyed getting to know the hilarious and hard-working men that head up all the construction here.

the group was a huge help with running the library program and kindergarten, and i think the kids enjoyed some activities that we wouldn't have been able to pull off if it were just us. 

the group was also able to go see one of brayden's last soccer games before the end of the season and went hiking up to san luis, a remote village from where some of the kids from library come. it was a good experience for them to see a whole neighborhood of people who live with no electricity, live very simple lives and are very, very happy.

we all headed up to school one day to show everyone how english class worked and to hand out reusable bags of school goodies for all the grades. the kids were so happy to have brand new supplies and enjoyed learning some new english songs and showing off their skills.

thank you clover hill for working so hard and loving those kids. we appreciate all your effort, organization, cooking, digging, playing and teaching. looking forward to seeing you next year!

photo credit goes to michelle from the group. thank you for all your wonderful shots of this week!


  1. Wow! That foundation is really coming along! Is that Braden with a shovel in his hand... working? Miracles never cease! All jokes aside it looks great. I'm glad to see more than just a split giant rock and trenches. :)

  2. This all sounds so incredible. The shots are all gorgeous, but I bet they don't do the real experience any justice.


    1. thanks! it was so fun to have this group here, they worked so hard. looking forward to the next one.

  3. Beautifully written, Ms. Eva!!! We had a blast and were so blessed by the kids and all of you hard working full timers! Can't wait to see how much more you can get done this summer! So much love to all of you!!!

    1. You are a crazy hard worker Miss Rachel! Thanks for all your effort with the group. I hope you've had some good recovery time afterwards.


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