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Friday, July 27, 2012

Well. It's that time already -- tomorrow I will be headed back "home" to the states and begin a new phase of my life there. Living in Honduras and spending all that time loving, teaching, and learning from kids has been amazing. I have no regrets and I am excited for what is next.

During the past several years of my life I've lived in many homes. Many states, many countries. I've lived with new people that have many times become family to me. Through all of it, I think I'm beginning to realize that things change, people move, I move, life moves. And so all you can do is cherish the time you have and realize that little pieces of your heart will be spread across continents with those you once shared life with. And that's okay. I just hope I still have pieces of my heart left to leave when I'm old and gray.

I give thanks for the time I was given there and pray that I would return sometime to see the family I left there. Thanks for all of your interest, support, love and encouragement though all of this.

1// me and all the "toros" the bulls, as they like to be called as workers.
2// all the kids we get to take care of right now
3// the cruz girls, also affectionately known as the "guirras"
4// our high school honduran housemates, nelson and jose in their shnazzy school uniforms
5// josiah, my "nephew". auntie eva's gonna miss him.
6// all of us volunteers at give hope 2 kids
7// the letters i tried to write to everyone i left.

See you soon, Hondo. 


  1. "people movie" ... :p

    as the cheesy saying goes: Home is where your heart is!!!

  2. Tears, Love, Tears, Gratitude, Love, God, Love, WELCOME HOME TO YOUR FIRST FAMILY----aj xoxoxox


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