Love Yo Mama

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

These ladies right here are our incredible house moms that spend their days taking care of the 10 children we have at the orphanage + their own. And yes, they are incredible. I've always known that but today they had the day off to go into town and enjoy themselves. Relax. Take a break. {Just to remind them what that means exactly :) } Who took care of the kids you ask? That's right. This girl. 

Holy freakin' macaroni you guys. We had so much fun playing grocery store, cars and imagination games that I never really caught onto. But lemme tell ya, 11 kids all together at once was cah-razy at times. Lunch was made, delivered, and eaten -- nothing short of a miracle, toys flying in every direction, kids on the hammock, look at this, look at that, where is so-and-so, everyone suddenly needs to use the bathroom at the same time, wash your hands! whew! 

But you know what? It feels good to be needed and I was reminded again what a miracle it is that these kids are happy, healthy and loved. I really love them.

All this to say...give a big, huge, shout out to yo mamas today! They are superwomen. Seriously. And thank your dads because kids need dads. Moms need dads. 

I don't think I'll ever give birth to 11 kids but if I do, at least I'm practiced. 
Now off to eat dinner that somebody else made -- thankful!

Speaking of mom's...the soon to be mama over here is responsible for the new look up top here on this little blog. she did an awesome job -- thank you!


  1. wow, that is incredible and quite enjoyable to hear about, your life lessons so far, outweigh most by your age, so proud of you


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