Día del Indio

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yesterday in Honduras it was Día del Indio {day of the indian} when everyone essentially celebrates Cacique Lempira, an indigenous war captain that fought against Spanish rule. And apparently his name means "Lord of the Mountains." Interesting, Wikipedia, very interesting.

Anyway, aside from all the history shmiffory, this day is awesome because all the elementary kids dress up in their traditional garb and parade down the dirt road carrying arrows and the like. It's hilarious. And all their head pieces and makeup are so much fun. They sing songs and their teacher was apparently going to do a dance {he didn't. disappointing.} We had horchata with lime in it and fried corn torillas with cabbage, meat, cheese and sauce on top to eat.

p.s. I know this first picture is blurry but it's just the result of me sprinting up 
to the road with a camera to see them marching down to our place. 

 I will also mention that the teachers at the school notified our house moms the day before that these kids needed costumes for this event {typical}. So I gladly helped them whip up some leftover curtain material loin cloths with pictures of corn on them {not weird at all.} Also, can we notice that the girls are the ones holding the babies, refusing to let them go for the picture? {also, so very typical}.

Dear Honduras, you are hilarious and I am going to miss you next week.



  1. Replies
    1. Hey I forget, were you here during this when you taught?? So. Fun.

  2. The pic of you and Pamela is BEAUTIFUL! Amazing smiles and love.
    And just wow on the curtains. Mad skills!

  3. AND I didn't even know about this holiday. Thanks for the beta share

  4. Love it!!! The kids outfits look great- and I recognized the curtain material before I read what you said :)

  5. Its nice to see you again, Erin. A lot of time has passed since Elena and I have seen you. You have certainly grown up into a very nice looking young lady. Please say "Hi" to your mom and dad and Cory.--Pete Mihas

  6. Oh Sweet Erin, Fly with the wind, create as you go. loving life in every form, you wake up my Spirit every time I tune in. And yes I have been commenting--check back. One is unsigned with a xo only. Love, aj Get ready to print photos.......xo

  7. Hello! I'm from Brazil and was reading the blog "Kneadleandbread" and saw your comment saying that you were trying to learn Portuguese ... So ... I'm learning English and if you could give me some help with English, I'll help you with the Portuguese. My e-mail/messenger is cesar.23th@gmail.com. In fact, that your blog is awesome. Congratulations! :)


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