why am i always too cool for sunscreen?

Monday, July 2, 2012

after we sent off our first group it was time to spend a few fun days down at the beach before our next group comes this weekend. we also took our second set of house parents and their three awesome daughters down for their vacation time. we got to hang out in the water, play with the babes and just laugh a lot. those girls are so much fun and we're glad they got some time away. 

of course, yesterday morning before hitting the beach i was asked if i had any sunscreen. i replied with
 pfff no! {like i don't need it or something}. well, that decision still continues to haunt me after 23 years of life 
and some good sunscreen advocates at home. oh well. maybe next time i won't leave the beach so crispy.

ps, erin, if you're reading this, thanks for your sunglasses. we found them at the bottom of the pool the morning after you left and took turns wearing them. i'd be happy to send them back to you when i get back to the states later this month, just let me know. 



  1. HA! i'm glad they are getting some use because they normally live in the bottom of my black hole of a purse. they were free to me so you are welcome to keep them - maybe i'll be back to visit them soon :)

    1. well thank you! we hope you come back to visit them {and us} very soon!

  2. that last picture makes me SO happy. :):):) as they all do!


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